The Designer

Wendy McLean’s unique design style has evolved remarkably since 2009, and her current designs have focussed on using coiled wire to make contemporary and fine jewellery. She has developed her self – taught techniques to include the use of the multi-coloured enamelled copper wire as well as silver plated, sterling silver  and gold wire.  The colours available in enamelled wire offers so much potential to introduce unusual colours over a much wider range as afforded by only using silver and gold.

Wendy was born in the heart of South Africa, in the diamond mining city of Kimberley. It may come as no surprise then that she was drawn to the intriguing and delicate world of jewellery design. However, it was Wendy’s scientific background as a chemist, her interest in Design and love of beautiful jewellery, that has led to her present career as a jewellery designer and maker.

Natural, semi-precious stones, precious gemstones, found objects, modern and high tech materials are used with metals such as copper, silver and gold to create stunning contemporary jewellery. Wendy creates simple designs to more complicated ones using both silversmithing and engineering techniques. The design range includes necklaces, pendants, earrings and bracelets.

Wendy has exhibited at Cambridge Open Studios, sells her work privately and through local and national design fairs. More recently her  bespoke coiled wire weave, featuring the new statement pearl and wire jewellery cuffs, can be seen in 2012 in magazines such as Vogue and Tatler.

You can contact her through this website if you want buy any of the work.